Exhibition of works by Iwona Maj and Iga Sturlis..
This exhibition is a story of two women about themselves, their home, their families, their feelings, those little things which as Penelope's fabric weave the world. For this one moment the women leave the everyday existence, roles and stereotypes which have been imposed on them. They create paintings and installations as separate stories.
They want to encourage others to weave their own and unique story. They ask about the place of women and discover that often crossing the lines between social norms, customs or policies is met with a shrug. They want to speak with their own voice and entrust it to others. The artistic form is equally important.
They use objects which they have found at the bottom of their drawers, stuff thrown into the rubbish bin. They work with the papier-mâche technique and collage, create spatial objects. The paintings on canvas are a space of degradation and deformation which is a way to unveil mystery. Because of their personal shyness they turn the story into metaphors. The mirror they look through shows more than a face marked with the passing time. And this is what the story told through the works of Iwona Maj and Iga Sturlis and presented at the Women’s Festival is about.
The music selected by Janusz Szydłowski is equally important in the project. It illustrates and comments on the theme of Women’s Festival.The one day presentation will take place in Dorożkarnia at Siekierki, because both artists live in Siekierki.
Together with the other inhabitants they have created a community where the inhabitants have begun to create a new story of the only place in Warsaw where the river Vistula forgets it belongs to Warsaw, where Saint Nepomucen protects from floods and where the street Ku Wi¶le (Towards Vistula) is linked to the river not only by its name
Come and see the exhibition on 6 June 2010 12-20 at Dorożkarnia Warsaw Siekierkowska 28
Iwona Maj and Iga Sturlis
Women’s Festival TO BE CONTINUED