We were wondering whether to call the first exhibition of paintings by Radosław Wojtaś Joy of Creating or Maybe in Colour. In the end we chose the second version, although the joy of creating describes the essence of the presented works. The artist - as we want to call the author of the exhibition- explores the moments of artistic teleportation to another world from his everyday reality i.e. to the world of art.
His great inspiration is the artist Jerzy Nowosielski. Radosław Wojtaś explores his themes and art gestures by performing a kind of vivisection, by copying the techniques and themes. Already at the beginning his artistic path he abandons the penetration of sacrum by Nowosielski for a joyful domination of colour. He boldly uses three basic colours: red, blue and yellow. His pictures explode in colourful spots, they are marked with a colourful contrast. Absract, streamlined forms break into lines of waits of feminine figures.. Women dominate in the paintings of Radosław Wojtaś. In this respect he follows his master.
Acts on the beach come up very often. In a double portrait two feminine heads play a mysterious game: are they trying to settle who will be first, or who will come out of the shadow? Difficult to say. In another picture a woman laced up in a corset, with thick hair puts her hands into a brown bowl which forms a brown stain. Another interpretation of the favourite theme of the such painters as Renoir.
In the Window View we see two worlds: a room, an atelier in warm colours in which a very colouful painting is at the centre and cold, remote external world with a leafless tree and non-present windows.
Looking at the paintings of Radosław Wojtaś we have the impression that his art is not only an aesthetic composition, but a meditation, an action beyond the present time, a chance to broaden the field of existence and creation for pleasure itself. It is the joy of creating.
Iwona Maj and Iga Sturlis