Answer these questions about yourself :
Who am I ?
Where am I?
What kind of a person am I ?
Why am I here?
And tell us your story!
Put the pieces of your story in a small 10/15 cm frame: it can be your story written down or its excerpt, quotes, photos, drawings, scraps or letters... We will put all the frames together and build a spatial object, the one and only, and unique work of art.
The exhibition in Dorożkarnia will take place on 12.06.2011
Iwona Maj and Iga Sturlis
The I AM art and community project The idea to create one common project through individual actions emerged of the awareness that it is creation, which integrates a community. Three hundred gray frames sized 10/15 contain individual and unique stories about the home, the family, celebrations, animals around us, passions and fears, tastes, the childhood, the passing of time, women and men, health, the alternation of the seasons and self-image. In other words these stories are about life, which is defined by the verb in the theme of the project „I AM”. The artists intended to open up the participants to art. First of all, to find the inner potential, to express a thought, an event or reflection in a non-verbal way.
Secondly, to look for a way, a metaphor that would weave a single event into a never ending story made of whispers and cries, which reach us from afar in the form of blurred symbols and an indefinite narration There is also another story to tell, about the technical details as not all the frames, which were given out to people, were returned for the exhibition. Some remained empty. The empty frames and gray dummy frames have made their way into the installation, as if taking the place of the missing ones. Not all the people who were invited to take part in the project found the time to create something; they did not dare to look into themselves, use the opportunity to do something new and stop for a moment. This is unfortunate.
The frames submitted by the participants are like pages taken out of a private file to create a new FILE as in the title of the famous Polish theatre play by Tadeusz Różewicz entitled „The File”. This new file constitutes a network created by the authors of the project to connect people who seem to have nothing in common. Appearances can be deceptive, as myths told by the stories are alike, often the same. They differ only in the form of expression that has been used to decorate the frame. The core and the subtext, whether applied consciously or subconsciously, brings people closer and often treats them as one.
The presentation of the I AM project is an opportunity to identify participants of a different network, a different facebook. They share an intellectual bond and for once have the opportunity to meet directly instead of through the computer. They can say to one another: We are different. We are alike. We differ in a beautiful way. A pair of binoculars is also part of the installation. It enables us not only to watch the details of the exhibition but also to direct the ocular at another human being.
Let us listen to the story of the other for we all have our own story to tell.
Iwona Maj Iga Sturlis Warsaw, 12.06.2011r