We met Joanna Wojtkiewicz while preparing for the exhibition “I AM”. It turned out that Joanna was also a photographer. She got her first camera as a present for her First Communion and that's how it all started. She still keeps the cameras “druh” and “zorka" in her memory box. Joanna does not hunt for the big scoop, she does not chase celebrities, hunt rare birds, steer the reality or experiment with images. She registers the sacred everyday and the beauty it carries, the beauty which calms the spirit and creates space for reflection. What she is after are epiphanic moments which pass so quickly: the sun setting down on an aqueduct arc, young people speeding on a motorcycle, who will disappear behind the photo frame with their youth, sky after a storm over a décor left after some ritual, silence emanating from the secret garden or lake, as if in a science fiction film. She looks with attention and love into the eyes of her dog, directs almost incidentally her lens onto a modest chamomile which has sprung up for a short moment. The themes from her photographs can be retrieved in the collective memory and artistic delight. We can find them in the works of great painters: Turner, Matisse, Fałat or Wyczółkowski. These photographs speak to us so strongly because of their natural composition and self-assurance of the photographer. Joanna does plan her photos or adjust them on her computer. She knows, as soon she has directed her lens on the object, what and how to show. She does this with a mathematical precision. She chooses her snapshots from thousands of images taken by her greedy lenses. She captures places and views in the moment, and after the lens stop closes, their quality changes, surrendering to time, movement and entropy. As Joanna has been taking photographs for ages (according to her husband Ryszard) the small events held in her rich archive together create the great History. The love of life radiating from Joanna's work reflects her personality, her care for the other and attention to the imperfect world, which only for a moment gives us the chance to be stunned with its beauty, peace and harmony.
Iwona Maj and Iga Sturlis