Calendar of art and community events in the residential estates Ku Wiśle and ELSAM.
14, 15.06.2003 Inauguration of the Studio Otwarte at Żenczykowskiego street, exhibition by Majka Filipowicz and Iwona Maj „On Flowers and Passing of Time”
6, 7.12.2003 Studio Otwarte - Majka Filipowicz and Iwona Maj „Vacation Works”, an exhibition combined with charity sale of Christmas cards made by Agnieszka Konarska i Antonina Maj, for the benefit of homeless dogs and cats
23, 24.10.2004 Collective Exhibition of Paintings „Atelier- Friends and Neighbours”, Studio Otwarte at Żenczykowskiego street and Christmas Cards sale combined with the sale of photographs by Ela Galas for the benefit of homeless cats
5.02 - 5.03.2005 Atelier in Lubartów, Majka Filipowicz and Iwona and Tosia Maj, Exhibition in the Regional Museum of Lubartów
8.05.2005 1st Community Festival SDJ Ku Wiśle „Our street, our table” Presentation of photographs, paintings, crafts and drawings of children on the blue fence at Ponikowskiego street
17.06.2006 Dorożkarnia Informal Art Group Ku Wiśle „Recreation and Inspiration”: exhibition of fabric, paintings, drawings, photos and collage
10.06.2007 2nd Community Festival SDJ Ku Wiśle ”Our street, Our Table” and „Pieces of Childhood” exhibition: pictures of children and family albums on the blue fence
7.06.2009 3rd Community Festival with the presence of the inhabitants of three housing cooperatives from the series „Our street, our table”- Get to know your neighbour and exhibition on the blue face - „25/25”
6.06.2010 Dorożkarnia, exhibition of objects by Iwona Maj and Iga Sturlis ” Święto Kobiet”
1.05.2011 Dorożkarnia „MAY FESTIVAL” - exhibition of the works by Majka Filipowicz, Marta Radziszewskia, Bartek Filipowicz, Maciek Filipowicz and Iga Sturlis and Iwona Maj. A display of drawings by the participants of Realistic Drawings Workshops
12.06.2011 Dorożkarnia, Exhibition of 300 works, 10/15 cm of the participants of the JESTEM Project, author of the Project Iwona Maj and Iga Sturlis, art group „Święto Kobiet”
16, 17.06.2012 Dorożkarnia „The Sacred Everyday photo exhibition by Joanna Wotkiewicz continuation of the „I AM” Project
28.11-11.12.2013 The Base Theater, Warsaw, Podchorążych 39, THE BASE OF SIEKIERKI, Jerzy Rogala - Lewicki exhibition of photographs, continuation of the „I AM” Project