The project „Let's return the river to the city - Warsaw turns towards the Vistula” was initiated by the Ku Wi¶le Group. It will be carried out together with Doro¿karnia. The Ku Wi¶le Group is an informal art society of Vistula lovers in the area of the Zawadowski embankment. The group is composed of Majka Filipowicz, Iwona Maj, Iga Sturlis, Jerzy Gabryszewski and Jerzy Rogala Lewicki. They are inhabitants and lovers of Siekierki, but most important of all artists. They used to create separately, their works being exhibited in Poland and abroad and their texts published in the press.
In 2005 they started to carry out some local projects, in particular a very original exhibition of their own works in plastic arts „Our Street - Our Table” displayed on the fences surrounding the fences around the estates in Siekierki. The next idea „Recreation and Inspiration” will be carried out in Doro¿karnia. In addition to a presentation of art work of the inhabitants of Siekierki, a community action will take place. Its objective is to "return" the Vistula river to the city and its inhabitants.
The exhibition will be an impulse to gather in Doro¿karnia all the people who would like to make the areas at the bank of the Vistula a place of rest, outdoor activities and cultural projects. Currently, the areas around Siekierki at the river are highly neglected. The limited access to the Vistula caused by numerous, not always justified fences is very bothersome.
The works displayed during the meeting in Doro¿karnia will be reproduced on postcards with the motto of the project „THINK ABOUT the VISTULA!” „This river created Warsaw, its symbol and legend. If you cannot give to the river as much as it gives you, at least don't make a mess around it.” The postcards will be a promotional tool and will be distributed for free among the inhabitants of Siekierki and the city authorities. The exhibition will inaugurate a broad action promoting „a greeting to the Vistula” and an opportunity to work out the details of the project as well as well as gain supporters and eventual sponsors.
Come to the vernissage of the exhibition
17th June 2006 16.00
at 16:00 DORO¯KARNIA Culture Center
And the Informal Art Group KU WI¦LE