On 1st May 2011 Iwona Maj and the art group Święto Kobiet invite you to join them at DOROŻKARNIA. As friends and neighbours from Siekierki you will have the chance to be the viewers and participants of an art performance, if only you decide to take a nice Spring walk in our direction. The event will be hosted by the Majowie family from Siekierki. The Święto Kobiet Group has prepared an exhibition. Artists and architects Majka Filipowicz, Marta Radziszewska, Iga Sturlis, Bartłomiej Filipowicz, Maciej Filipowicz and Iwona Maj will display their recent works: paintings, graphic design, objects and mini sculptures at „The Festival of May or the Majowie Family Festival” . We will also discuss and debate the upcoming COMMUNITY AND ART EVENT "I AM" which will be run by most of the artists invited to the „Festival of May” . (The final exhibition of the Event „I AM" will take place in Dorożkarnia on the 12th June 2011). However, most importantly, it will be a time to be together, to talk about art, life, the weather and many other topics. Participants of the „Realistic Drawing Workshops" together will their workshop facilitator and curator Iwona Maj will show their works under the theme „Drawing as a global skill”. The meeting on the 1st of May is yet another step to encourage neighbours, passers by, friends and acquaintances, children and adults to open up to art and creativity, to experience the joy of making their own „works of art”. It is art -the art for special occasions and the everyday- which makes our life more complete, more beautiful and better.